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Why we're here

In 2020, during the global pandemic, our founder boldly asked God why He had not changed the situations and hardships the African American community and women still faced today. She received the answers to her questions and was asked a question in turn when she was guided to mentorship in business through a local ministry in her neighborhood.

The answer: the people who had been empowered in the African American community before, had not answered the call to change the situation through empowerment. The question in turn: Would she answer the call and be faithful to it? 

In response to this question and the information learned, Almost Nerdy LLC was created.

What we're doing

Through Christ we desire to change the negative situation(s) and economic trajectory of the African American community. This is the core of our mission and motivation for this company to exist, thrive, and grow.


To accomplish this we seek to focus on addressing key issues in our community as outlined in our mission. 

Almost Nerdy, LLC has a mission to: