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It’s Not Too Late

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Humans. We can be so amazing. That’s how God designed us. Yet we are so flawed, insecure. That’s how sinned defiled us. While spending time in the book of Genesis Chapter 41, a particular verse caught my mind. Verse 46: it states that Joseph was 30 years old when he entered into the service of Pharoh.

Wait; what?!?!?! Pause, please.

This blog is titled “Almost Nerdy & 30.” At the time when this journey commenced, I was working on accepting my “almost” parts. All the things that are just not amazing to me because they are a part of me. Still, I was, and I desperately want to believe God when he tells me that I am with purpose. That He has intentionality, in everything, He’s put in me. That these “almosts” in me are absolutely complete in Him. At the start of this journey, I was also not quite 30 yet. Though for different reasons, I would jokingly say that I was.

There was a part of me that was excited about 30. I had plans y’all!! (Side rant: Thanks ‘Rona for not letting folks be great! But, I trust God to get the last laugh, so boom!) Okay, back to the point at hand. I had plans, a bucket list of things to do and try. Something to maybe, help me feel like I’m walking in purpose. But if I’m honest, it was to help me feel like I was living. Give me something “thrilling” to talk about.

Cause on the other hand of excitement, I was dreading turning 30 and was desperate not to. But deep down, I was for many reasons. 30 was the age doctors told me if I didn’t have biological kids before, the likelihood of doing so would be slim to none. 30 was the supposed deadline to make it big in entertainment. I haven’t done that. 30 is the era of : •”you still aren’t married? what’s wrong with you?” •”you haven’t figured out what you want to do yet? get your life together!” •”you don’t own a home?” or “you STILL live with your parents?? Girl!!” All these constant pressures and their timelines just seemed magnified at the coming of thirty. ” Each one had the bitter tang of “failure.” That distinct after taste of “God wasted time on me,” or “He could never use me now,” or worst of all, “He could never want to after this.”

Inner De’La! Please stop the drama, what does God say?

So this brings me back to Genesis 41:46 – “Joseph was 30 years old when he entered the service of Pharoh, king of Egypt. And Joseph went out from the presence of Pharoh and went through all the land of Egypt.

This tells us that the beginning of the purpose God had planned for Joseph was at the age of 30.

In the book of Numbers chapter 4 the verse “From thirty years old and upward even unto fifty years old, everyone that came to do the service of the ministry, and the service of the burden in the tabernacle of the congregation,” is repeated seven times! •Numbers 4:3 •Numbers 4:23 •Numbers 4:30 • Numbers 4:35 • NUmbers 4:39 •Numbers 4:43 and •Numbers 4:47

The fact that this is repeated seven times is essential! The number 7 is the number of completion. This gives me comfort. It’s an assurance that I am still entering into the service of the Lord. I am still of use and value to Him!

This insecurity at a “supposed flaw” is addressed by God. He addressed this before my grandparents 10x’s great-grandparents were a thought to their grandparents. God also demonstrates through Christ this very concept that any particular age is not too old or even to young to begin a new thing. Jesus was teaching at thirteen. The official ministry of the gospel is recorded as starting was when Christ was 30.

There is no accident with God. Everything has a divine purpose and meaning.

God designed us in His beautiful image. Sin corrupted us, broke our communion with Him. It left our very being with gaps in it.

So all of the things in Him that humans don’t have on our own often allow breezes through exposing the gaps. These holes leave us insecure about a myriad of issues. We are in constant need of God’s reassurance that in Him, we are whole. In Him is our calling, our being, and our purpose. It is not too late for you or me. God has a purpose in 30, and He has a purpose in the age that you are.

Scriptures to consider: •2 Samuel 5:4 •Genesis 41:46 •Numbers 4:3

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