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Be Still

Reading through scripture, we can be given the impression that a journey or battle lasted only as long as the sentence that details it. We can hold to this impression so firmly that we miss the details that scripture truly gives us.

For instance, the Israelites wandering the desert. First, the desert is vast! Second, scripture tells us that they traversed the desert for 40 years. 40! YEARS! We marvel at these two facts when we talk about the story of the Israelites. Then somehow forget these details in the application of scriptures principles to our lives.

So it is no wonder that when we go through life, a spiritual journey can feel long in both distance and time. It can be despairing if we’re honest about it.

King David penned the Psalms. He has as many chapters detailing his emotional state of sorrowful and burdened as he does joyful and content.

Having spent some time in the emotional desert of depression and the whirlwinds of anxiety, I know how heavy it can be to still move for God. So, I’ve been still.

But it’s wrong to not be on the move for God. Right? We have to be doing something for the kingdom. We have to do this, go here, serve there. We must work and be about or Heavenly Father’s business! Right?! Right?

Or, wrong?

Because sometimes we have to be still and quiet to hear from God. To hear His “still small voice” when He speaks to us. To encourage us, correct us, to give us new instructions or a reminder of the last one.

Going through this season of sitting still, I asked a mentor, “when do I know its time to get up and serve again?” I was told, “when it’s in your bones and can not be contained.”

See when God pours His oil; it overflows. But like Mary at Jesus’s feet, sometimes God wants us to sit and be still in the rest that He gives us.

He wants us to take time to be still and know that He is God.

Scriptures to consider: •Psalms 46:10-11 •Luke 10:38-42 •Genesis 2:2

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