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Comparison is a funeral for purpose

The song Comparison Kills by Jonathan McReynolds is one of my favorite songs EVER! I love the line “… it makes you chase what’s not meant to be chased. ‘Cause you’ve possessed it all along. It comes to steal and hide what is real. Comparison kills”.

The first time I heard those lyrics, I remember it seemed that was the only line that I could grasp. It was like my brain stopped processing because my soul pumped its proverbial breaks at “it comes to steal and hide what is real.”

When we allow comparison to take space in our thoughts, we are shifting the focus of what God has done for us, with us, and through us to say “what they have is better,” ” I like their story better. It should be mine,”; or even “God, why do you keep messing up my life/my story.” When we compare, we are in truth, not passing judgment ( or condemnation) on ourselves; we’re giving that judgment onto God. We are saying that we can do our life better.

I am convicted of this. Particularly as of late. I am almost 30, looking at a career change (with no real prospects). Let’s not even talk about being the only single amongst my close friends and accountability groups. Dang… we just talked about it. I have friends younger than me buying homes, others are getting engaged, and others are announcing they’re expecting.

I compared with all of these, and I am on the short end of the stick. But God, in his guiding grace, reminds me that he is sovereign. That my life story is my life’s story, and he is the author of it. The Almighty knows the days before I was born. He knows the days that are to come. He is the author of my faith and the Creator of my purpose.

Scriptures to consider:

•Jer 29:11-13

•James 1:14-17

•James 3:14-18

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