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Like Oils and Diamonds

An aggregate of four to eight letters has a significant impact on our every situation. Let’s have an illustration: Pressure. Process. Weight. Wait. Process. I can not think of a single soul who likes these words. Still, they mold our lives, just the same.

From work and bills to relationships; friend or otherwise, to family expectations and social standards. We all are under pressure.

How we react to things based on life experience, and how we view the world plays a role in how we process everything happening.

If you’ve been around someone 7 to ten years older than you, it is safe to say you’ve heard the idiom “when it rains it pours.” This occurrence of one thing after another makes each happenstance seem heavy. Maybe even unbearable. The weight of it all can be too much.

Then there is the ever-dreaded “wait.” The not now, it’ll come later. But there is no set date on whatever it is we desire to happen.

How we learn and grow from the pressure, the process, the weight, and the wait result in our process.

As a Christian, it boils down into how do we become more like Christ in everything that we go through. Do we submit to the things that have us under pressure; or do we submit to God’s will? Do we rely on our understanding, and ways of viewing or reacting, to process life? Or do we search God’s will and decrees in His Holy Word? When life gets heavy and hard, do we give up when our strength runs out? Is God our last resort instead of our first response? And when God says to “wait.” Do we? How do we wait? With patience or with grumblings and side hustles that make the process longer?

Like oils and diamonds; things that we’re taught to value, our life and purpose have to undergo a process of pressure and waiting. But we do not go through any of this alone for God is always with his elect, his chosen.

Scriptures to consider:

•Proverbs 16:25 •Jeremiah 5:21-24 •Romans 12:1-2 • Psalm 28:6-9

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