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Long Time No See

Hello friends! It has been a minute. Let's chat.

I can hardly believe that it is 2022, and it's the second quarter! It seems like it was just yesterday that our world was thrown into collective chaos. A worldwide pandemic, protests, and civil unrest. Whew. I confess I was overwhelmed, and in so many areas, I was numb. There were so many voices speaking and shouting about everything that was happening. Yet, I found I had no words. I couldn't write. Anxiety was at an all-time high, and it felt like every nerve ending was on fire and exposed. The last post I published was in June of 2020. (Wow!) It took so much out of me to publish that last post.

When I saw the emotional toll it took to pen "It's Not Too Late," I had to step back. The need to connect with loved ones and be present in person (as much as possible with the pandemic) took priority.

I never thought that a break would turn into a gap of almost two years. A lot has been happening and changing since June of 2020.

There have been numerous lessons in humanity, growth, and discipline.

As you can see, some of those changes include a move. Almost Nerdy & 30 is now living on God has blessed me with the opportunity to start a business. I may create a post later about the prayer and thought process that led to starting a business. But for now, you can see the short of it on our about page here.

Almost Nerdy & 30 will still follow my journey in Christ and growth through my thirties. It will also house updates on Almost Nerdy LLC.

So, hello, welcome back, and let's continue the journey. <3

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