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The Power in One

There is power and design in the number one. Just think about it; by one man, death and sin entered the world. By one man, sanctification and redemption have come into the world. By one man’s uprightness, his entire family was saved from the flood. The faith of “a” mustard seed can move mountains: not a handful or a bushel of mustard seeds. Just one mustard seed worth of faith is all it takes!

We notice over and over in scripture how God moves through “one.” Yet, we doubt the importance of doing one thing of having one thing.

Today is the last day of 2019. A new decade will begin. For those of us who will be called to wake up on the first, I would presume that half of us have the resolution to change some things. Maybe you want to lose weight? That is a New Years’ staple, so let’s start with that. We set our goal of how many pounds we want to shed. We begin very passionately! We’re going to make it this time! Then that first check-in happens, and we only dropped one pound or one inch off of a body part. We often become discouraged and eventually stop rather than celebrating that one pound, that one inch. We don’t acknowledge the beauty of that one, this start to the change that we want to see. That is the “New Years Resolution” trend.

Let’s dive into a newer trend from this decade: Social Media. There is no doubt that a lot of effort must be put into not comparing oneself to another. Social Media is now a cornerstone of society; this is how a lot of people (myself included) measure their success or influence. We turn to S.M. for news, major life event announcements, to invite people to a party or even a wedding.

Social Media has become its own governing body in today’s culture. Because in a way, we are ruled by it. One of the first things we ask when relaying information to someone is, “are you on______?” insert your S.M. platform of choice.

When it comes to ministry, this phenomenon has created a blessing and a curse.

The blessing: we have the real potential to go into all the world! We can do this without sacrificing the home and backyard God has already given us. As the days grow shorter and it starts to seem that “the workers are few,” indeed, S.M. is an excellent tool and resource.

The curse: the expectation that we will go into all the world. Because sometimes we’re doing all this posting and engagement, and it only goes next door. Or to the one family member that looks into everything we do to show constant support. We are conditioned to believe that reaching 100 people is not a big deal by Social Media standards. So what happens when we only reach 50? 25? 15? God, remove our ego, because what happens when we only reach one?

We are swamped with feelings of rejection. We question why bother? Who actually cares?

Social Media rules have told us that value is in quantity.

But God chases the one. He tells us that all of heaven will stop and rejoice over one sinner coming to repentance! Just one.

So as we go into 2020, a new month, year, and decade, if we must have a resolution, let it first and foremost be to value “the one” in our life. Value the “one-pound ” that we lose and work on maintaining that one pound loss. Don’t give up because more don’t follow.

Value the one person God will reach through your ministry and life. Let’s not complain if we don’t reach the millions. Let us instead rejoice with heaven over the one. Because there is power and there is purpose in that one!

Scriptures to consider: • John 1:40-46 • Luke 15:7 • Luke 15:4-7 • Romans 5:12 • Romans 5:19 • Romans 5:12-21

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