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Truth over Lies

I sometimes wonder if it is easier to believe a lie over the truth because we’re born into a lie (Psalms 51:5). Mankind was created to live and be in the presence of God. The continuous companionship with God is the truth of why we are created and designed (Genisis 1:26&27). However, because of sin (Romans 5:12-13), we are born in a contrary environment of which we were formed. Our life starts in an environment “without” God. Thus, my statement that we’re born into a lie.

Have you ever felt like it takes fighting nail tooth and claws not to believe a lie? In the same fight, it takes nail tooth and claws to accept the truth?

Hear a lie one time; “no one could ever love you”; “no one could ever want you”; “you’re worthless.” We hear this from someone’s mouth; we interpret this from someone’s actions. Then, BOOM! Our mind and emotions take these lies as irrefutable fact.

Even when we acknowledge these statements as lies, who has managed to say out loud ” that’s a lie from the pit of hell” and never again have those lies from the fiery depths pop up in a situation… and you not believe them? All over again.

I know I haven’t. (We’ll get into that later.) But God, faithful that he is, speaks to me in His Holy Word. He speaks to you too! The Holy Spirit will not abandon us in our time of need and desperation. He is there to remind us of how God truly feels about you and me, and what he has to say in the face of every human experience that we go through (Heb 4:15&16).

Scriptures to consider

•Romans 12:2 •John 3:16 •Psalm 139:16 •Psalms 46:1 •John 14:26-27

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