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“What are you thirsty for?”

I was going through my prayer journal, reading through prayers, and sermon notes. I came across notes from a sermon from September of last year. The speaker, Pastor Kenneth Harris, titled his message, “Igniting a passion for God’s word.” He took us through the book of Luke 24:27-32, highlighting verse 32. I pulled out my Bible to read the passage. As I was reading, I thought of how we can be so captivated with God while we’re reading the scriptures or hearing a sermon that lifts our spirits. Yet, we close that precious book (or app, let’s be real), and within moments, what we read and the passion it excites goes away.


Because we are excited about doing the things of God and wanting to be in His presence until we’re not, then we want God to revive us again. We want God to do the work. But what relationship worth having is onesided?

Reading through the sermon notes, I see some of the key points:

*We do not read God’s wors to take a quiz. We are to read His word for the love of Christ. For love in Christ and the love with Christ.

*We must attend to the fire. We must fan the flames of the burning down coals.

Now please understand, this was not and is not advocating for works-based salvation. By God’s grace, that is not what we have in Jesus. We have a relationship that scripture tells us to meditate on. We have access to God that scripture tells us to use continually. To use as a first response and not as a last resort.

This message was about the fact that I am to seek God. I have entered into the promise of salvation and redemption. Therefore it should not just be God chasing after me. I should desire God too, and do the things needed to keep that love alive.

When we fall in love with someone, we do things to showcase it. Some have put a joking or even negative connotation to this by calling it “thirsty.” But we see this in scripture, and it’s not negative. It is both a showing and declaration of pure adoration and commitment.

I found this fitting because the point from the message that especially sticks with me today is:

“What are you thirsty for?”

So let’s talk about it. What are you thirsty for?

Scriptures to consider: -Luke 24:27-32 -Psalms 42

Songs to consider:

  1. Psalm 42

  2. You Keep on Getting Better

  3. Real Thing

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